Brown is first chancellor for 100 years to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich. [Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard, 28.9.2004]


Brown's ₤30 billion computing bonanza is a resource shift from poor taxpayers to rich firms. [Simon Jenkins, Evening Standard, 30.6.2005]


Britain's richest man, Laksmi Mittal, who is Labour's biggest donor, DOES NOT PAY TAX. [Daily Mail, 19.2.2002]


9 out of 10 of Labour's biggest donors DO NOT PAY TAX. [Sunday Times, 24.2.2002]


London is tax haven - up to 250,000 don't pay tax. [Sunday Times, 18.6.2000 and Evening Standard 21.1.2005]


Of the world's 72 major tax havens 35 are linked to Britain. [Tax Justice Network]


₤10 billion in tax not paid by these London rich. [Sunday Times 18.6.2000]





Top 1% share of total wealth 22% up from 17%. [Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard, 28.9.2004]


Top 10% share of total wealth 54% up from 47%. [Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard, 28.9.2004]


Personal Allowance hasn't been indexed - should be ₤5,384 not ₤4,700. [Daily Express, 1.4.2005]





The gap between the richest and poorest has widened considerably. [Institute for Public Policy Research, quoted by Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard, 28.9.2004]


During the election campaign a study showed that far from inequalities being reduced under Brown's policies since 1997, they had widened. [Institute for Fiscal Studies, 8.5.2005]


Robbed the poor to help the rich - the gap between rich and poor had widened under Labour. [Centre for Policy Studies, 4.9.2006]