TONY BLAIR - told this newspaper less than a month ago that he would not place any limit or quota on the number of immigrants allowed into Britain. [Daily Express, 22.4.2004]


DAVID BLUNKETT - pushed for an open-door policy. [Daily Express, 23.4.2004]


CHARLES CLARKE - we want more migration, more people coming. [Sunday Times, 27.2.2005]





OVER A MILLION LONDONERS DO NOT HAVE ENGLISH as their mother tongue. [Evening Standard, 25.6.2004]


81 MILLION NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBERS IN BRITAIN - Jeff Rooker M.P. (Minister for Welfare Reform) reply to Frank Field M.P. [Sunday Times, 14.5.2000]


"REFUGEES" must be given homes within an hour of a request and must immediately be provided with doctors and dentists. [The Sun, 2.6.2003]





HOUSE PRICES have trebled since 1997. [Sunday Times, 25.7.2004]


HOMELESSNESS has doubled since 1997. [Inside Housing, December 2001]


HOUSE PRICES have risen 9% per annum since 1952. [Nationwide Building Society, quoted in Sunday Times, 31.8.2003]


HOUSE PRICES have risen 12% per annum for the past 20 years. [Allsopp and Spencer, Channel 4, 25.4.2006]


92% WOULD-BE BUYERS can't afford to get on housing ladder.