14 July 1996 - Robert Harris joins the attack on the BBC in the Sunday Times.

14 January 1999 - Leo McKinstry (Daily Mail), a former Labour Councillor now regular columnist, savages the BBC licence fee.

20 July 1999 - Janet Daley in the Daily Telegraph attacks BBC bias on Europe during the European elections campaign.

14 March 2001 - Boris Johnson MP (Daily Telegraph) - cut the licence fee.

12 February 2002 - Brian Sewell (Evening Standard) - Licence fee is absurd, unfair, unpopular and unjustifiable.

4 March 2002 - Melanie Philips (Daily Mail) - BBC has lost its right to the licence fee.

11 March 2002 - Lord Pearson of Rannoch - the BBC has been good enough to admit that it was disgracefully biased in favour of the "Yes" campaign in the 1975 Referendum.

26 August 2002 - New Statesman - the licence fee is a totem for the Guardian-reading, public-sector-and-professions-based "liberal" establishment which dominates the formulation of polite opinion - kill the licence fee.

3 November 2002 - Jonathan Miller challenges BBC funding under Article 10 of the ECHR.

5 January 2003 - Michael Dobbs (author of "House of Cards") - the BBC kept Churchill off the radio in the 1930s.

9 February 2003 - Barry Cox, Deputy Chairman of Channel 4 and a friend of Tony Blair, described the BBC as a "cultural tyranny" and said the licence fee should be axed.

9 February 2003 - John Whittingdale MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Culture and Heritage) says in the Sunday Times that the licence fee is not sacrosanct.

15 July 2003 - a Labour dominated Commons Committee accused the Corporation of broadcasting biased news coverage and failing to control staff.

26 July 2003 - Conrad Black (Daily Telegraph) - the BBC is the greatest menace facing the country and a bigger enemy to the Conservatives and all they believe in than the Labour government.

18 January 2004 - The IPPC, a Blairite think-tank called for radical reform of the BBC, including abolishing the licence fee.

13 January 2007 - Charles Moore (Daily Telegraph) - it is time for a big political party to argue for the abolition of the licence fee.

6 May 2010 - Stephen Glover (Daily Mail) - for days the BBC has been talking up the LibDems. But then we should never underestimate their hatred of the Tories.

1 November 2010 - Sun editorial - it (the BBC) is ready to bend the facts in a relentless propaganda war against the government.

10 December 2011 - Sir Anthony Jay (co-creator of Yes Minister) - called for a dramatic downsizing of the bias-ridden BBC, saying it has simply been too powerful.

12 November 2012 - Frederick Forsyth (Daily Express) - the BBC has never been neutral on anything.