The Aims and Objectives of

The Patriotic Forum



The Patriotic Forum stands for :-


● Support for Constitutional Monarchy

● National Sovereignty, total disentanglement from the European Union, and a resumption of Britain's global greatness

An end to unnecessary immigration into the United Kingdom, and the encouragement of non-Britons to repatriate

● Maintaining the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and encouraging the 26 lost Irish counties to re-join the UK

● Traditional family values - with incentives for true marriage and larger families

● Relevant and severe sanctions for criminal offences, including stricter prison environments

The resumption of the death penalty for premeditated murder and high treason

● Support for the rights of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands, and re-establishing strong links with the core Commonwealth

● Full support for the British armed forces, particularly in the War against Terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere

● Encouragement of the entrepreneur spirit and adventurous personal initiative



The Patriotic Forum opposes :-


● Political extremism - both of the Marxist and fascist varieties

● High taxation

● "Political Correctness" in all its forms - particularly the toleration of paedophilia, rape and other forms of deviancy

Ever increasing and unnecessary bureaucracy and legislation, especially in the field of employment

● The BBC licence fee

● International terrorism and Islamic expansionism in all its forms

Nationalisation, and all other forms of socialism

● Cruelty to animals


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