Recent Patriotic Forum meetings and activities





During recent months The Patriotic Forum has staged the following activities, and meetings addressed by the prominent people featured below :-


February 2018

The Patriotic Forum celebrated New Zealand Day 2018 by staging a day of events to honour the memory of Sir George Grey KCB, who served twice as Governor of New Zealand and subsequently became the 11th Prime Minister of New Zealand. The events started with a visit to Sir George Greyís grave and memorial in St.Paulís Cathedral, where due respects were paid, and then the Patriotic Forum party adjourned to a near-by hostelry where Mr. Gary Vincent gave a fascinating and extremely well-researched PowerPoint presentation about the life and career of this great Imperial hero.

January 2018

The Patriotic Forum held two events during January 2018. Australia Day was celebrated with a brief ceremony at the bust of Sir Arthur Phillip (the founder of Sydney and the first Governor of New South Wales) in the City of London, and then a meeting was held which was addressed by Mr. George Major, the President of The Pearly Kings and Queens Guild about the history of the Pearly Kings and Queens movement, and Cockney culture in general.

September 2017

In September 2017 The Patriotic Forum celebrated Gibraltar Day by staging a visit to Canterbury in order to visit several sites associated with Admiral of the Fleet Sir George Rooke, who commanded the joint British-Dutch forces who captured Gibraltar in 1704. The sites visited included the Warrior Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral where there is a monument to Sir George Rooke, and St.Paulís Church where he is buried.

August 2017

In August 2017 The Patriotic Forum held a belated celebration of Canada Day by making a trip to Westerham, where they visited several sites associated with General James Wolfe.

June 2017

In June The Patriotic Forum held a meeting which was addressed by Mr. Gary Cartwright, who has worked for over a dozen years for various UKIP and other EuroSceptic MEPs at the European Parliament in Brussels, and who gave some riveting insights into the internal machinations of that institution!

January 2017

On Burnsí Night, Wednesday 25th January, The Patriotic Forum organized a special supper to celebrate the occasion in the City of London. Afterwards, on the eve of Australia Day, respects were paid at the near-by bust of Admiral Arthur Phillip, the founder of Sydney, Australia, and the first Governor of New South Wales.



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