Forthcoming Patriotic Forum meetings and activities




On 31st January 2020 the Patriotic Forum will be participating in the big celebrations in Parliament Square in order to mark Britainís final exit from the EU.


In February 2020 the Patriotic Forum will be holding an interesting meeting to be addressed by a visiting New Zealander in order to celebrate New Zealand Day.


In April 2020 the Patriotic Forum will be staging a special event in order to mark the 250th anniversary of the first landing of Capt. James Cook at Botany Bay, Australia.


In August 2020 the Patriotic Forum will be holding the first annual lectures in memory of the late Dennis Delderfield (the founder of New Britain, a component part of the Patriotic Forum) which will be addressed by a former close friend of Dennis Delderfield.


Admission to all Patriotic Forum events is by invitation only. If you are not already a member or registered supporter and would like to attend any of the organisation's activities then please e-mail us at: to receive an official invitation.



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