Forthcoming Patriotic Forum meetings and activities




On 19th July the Patriotic Forum will be holding a meeting to be addressed by Mr. Marko Gasic B.A.(Hons), the famous Serbian historian and commentator on global geo-politics, who will be talking about the book Folly and Malice which he edited which explains the true causes of the First World War.


Later during the year the Patriotic Forum will be addressed by an eminent “Vote Leave” campaigner who has lectured extensively in the United States about the significance of Brexit, and is currently in Italy advising the coalition partners in the provisional Italian government on their best response to the unwanted EU interference in their affairs.


Admission to all Patriotic Forum events is by invitation only. If you are not already a member or registered supporter and would like to attend any of the organisation's activities then please e-mail us at: to receive an official invitation.



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