Forthcoming Events :-


November 2021

Meeting in London to mark the 56th anniversary of Rhodesian UDI.

December 2021

Kent Branch event to celebrate the Day of the Vow.

January 2022

2022 AGM

Spring 2022

Trip to London museum.

July 2022

Buffet meeting to mark Rhodes and Founders Day.

August 2022

Trip to the Hythe Venetian Fete.

September 2022

Raising of the Flag” ceremony – Dorset.

November 2022

Event in Sussex to mark the 57th anniversary of Rhodesian UDI.

In late October 2021 the Springbok Club held a meeting which was addressed by Mr. James Lockwood LLB, AKC. In a most enthralling and enlightening speech Mr. Lockwood, who holds office in all three Loyal Orders in England, told something about the history, work and objectives of the Loyal Orders, dating back from the Glorious Revolution of 1688 until the present day.

In early October 2021 the Springbok Club continued to fulfil its promise to Peter Sladden by maintaining the traditional ”Raising of the Flag” ceremony, which was held annually at Cecil Square, Salisbury, Rhodesia from 1890 until 1979, and at Peter Sladden’s estate at Southrepps in Norfolk from 1981 until 2017. This year the ceremony was held at Dalham in Suffolk, where Cecil Rhodes’ brother Francis “Frank” Rhodes was once Lord of the Manor, and is buried. Cecil Rhodes himself bought the near-by Dalham Hall, but sadly never lived there. Pictured [left] are members of the Colour Party at this ceremony, standing by the grave of Francis “Frank” Rhodes, where due respects were paid.

In August 2021 The Springbok Club staged a visit to Theydon Bois in Essex in order to pay their respects at the grave of James Theodore Bent. James Theodore Bent was a respected 19th Century traveller, explorer and archaeologist, who, inter alia, was commissioned by the Royal Geographical Society and the British South African Company to visit and study the Zimbabwe Ruins in the then recently colonised Rhodesia and to report back on his conclusions regarding its origins. In an excellent PowerPoint presentation held after this trip Mr. Gary Vincent told how James Theodore Bent’s analysis showed that the structure was far earlier than 14th century as had previously been believed, but was undoubtedly constructed by the Phoenicians or a similar Mediterranean people centuries before.



In July 2021 the Springbok Club staged a most enjoyable and successful trip to Herne Bay on the north Kent coast last month, The Springbok Club party first visited the statue in honour of Amy Johnson, the female aviation pioneer of the 1930s, on the Herne Bay beachfront, and were able to see the area out at sea where her plane tragically crashed in 1941 The party then went on to see the statue in honour of Sir Barnes Wallis, before proceeding to Reculver where Sir Barnes Wallis’s “bouncing bombs” were tested. Finally the party adjourned to a near-by hostelry where Mr. Gary Vincent gave an excellent PowerPoint presentation about Sir Barnes Wallis, the Reculver testing site, and the Dam-Busters’ raid.



In June 2021 the Springbok Club held a Zoom meeting which was addressed by Mr.Scott Balson from Brisbane, Australia. Mr.Balson founded and runs the on-line expatriate Loving Life Live channel, and told something about the history of this channel and the revelations about what is really happening in the “new” South Africa which have been recounted by some of the South Africans who he has interviewed.



In late August 2020, following an enforced break caused by the “lockdown” lunacy, the Springbok Club resumed activities with a trip to the Royal Naval War Memorial in Chatham, where special respects were paid to Sub.Lieut. Charles van der Byl, a South African submariner who was killed in 1916 whilst serving on the submarine HMS G1. Respects were also paid to Engine Room Artificer Arthur Grant, who once served on the same ship that Sub.Lieut.van der Byl later served on, HMS Goliath, before being transferred to HMS Derwent which struck a mine and sank in 1917. Afterwards the Springbok Club party viewed the near-by house where Engine Room Artificer Arthur Grant once lived, before adjourning to a hostelry in Chatham where a PowerPoint presentation was given about the Naval career of Sub.Lieut.Charles van der Byl, and the history of the famous Cape family from which he came.



In February 2020 the Springbok Club organised a trip to the Wallace Collection in London, where inter alia they viewed the special exhibition entitled “Forgotten Masters: Indian Painting for the East India Company”.



The Springbok Club held their 2020 AGM in January 2020. At the conclusion of the very successful business side of proceedings Mr. Gary Vincent gave an enthralling and extremely well researched PowerPoint presentation about the 1820 Settlers, thus reminding everyone that this year marks the 200th anniversary of this most important episode in South African history.



The Springbok Club celebrated the 54th anniversary of UDI in November 2019 with a special meeting which was addressed by Mr. Neil Farnell. Mr. Farnell had initiated the famous 1976 Tour of Rhodesia by five (then) young members of the Anglo-Rhodesian Society in order to express their solidarity with their Rhodesian kith-and-kin. In a highly informative and enlightening talk, which was illustrated by publications from the time, he told how the 1976 Tour had come about, reminisced upon the highlights which were experienced, and then reminded everyone how subsequent events which destroyed that once great land had been predicted by members of the Tour party if the Rhodesian nation was allowed to fall. At the end of the talk, however, it was pointed out that post-Brexit the British people would be able to resume their African involvement all over again. (Pictured right are some of the members of the famous 1976 Rhodesian Tour standing at the Salisbury Kopje. Neil Farnell is on the left.)



In September 2019 the Springbok Club staged a most enjoyable, and indeed inspiring, visit to the “Salute to the Forties” festival held at Chatham Historic Dockyard in Kent.



In June 2019 the Springbok Club staged a trip to the Launch Site of the S.S.Great Eastern on the Isle of Dogs, after which a fascinating PowerPoint presentation about the building and history of the ship was shown, which included details about the mystery of the “curse of the Hope Diamond”.



In May 2019 the Springbok Club staged a most enjoyable trip to the traditional annual Rochester Sweeps Festival. It was at this festival in 1994 where the famous Rochester Declaration which pledged “continuing determination to work for the re-establishment of White control in the African continent” was initiated.



On Saturday 6th April 2019 the Springbok Club staged a special double-celebration buffet-meeting in order to celebrate both Van Riebeeck Day and the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Hon. Ian Douglas Smith. The guest speaker at this event was Mr. Stuart Agnew MEP, the UKIP MEP for the East of England, who told something about his time spent living and working in Rhodesia, and who also gave a report-back on his recent trip to South Africa when, as part of an official European Parliamentary delegation, he investigated the facts concerning the current farm murder campaign currently taking place in the country. Also present at this meeting were Mr. Robert Phillips, whose family knew the Hon. Ian Douglas Smith personally, and Mr. Neil Farnell, who initiated the famous 1976 tour of Rhodesia, both of whom said a few words about their respective experiences.



In February 2019 the Springbok Club staged its 2019 AGM, which was followed by a most fascinating visit to the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, south-east London.


As the usual venue for the annual “Raising of the Flag” ceremony (marking the anniversary of the foundation of Rhodesia in 1890) in Norfolk was unavailable in 2018 because of extensive repair works, this year’s ceremony took place at Bath in Somerset. Pictured [left] is Rhodesian born-and-bred Mrs. Thorley Oliver raising the Union Flag, alongside Sgt. Graham Gillmore (ex-Grenadier Guards, RLI and South African Pathfinders Company) who acted as Parade Commander, and [right] some of the large group of supporters who attended the ceremony. After the flag-raising itself short speeches were given by Mr. Alan Harvey and Mr. Peter Jewell, followed by a key-note speech by Mr. Stuart Agnew MEP, all of whom had lived for a while and had strong links to Rhodesia.



On Remembrance Sunday 2018 a contingent of Springbok Club members and supporters attended the annual Rhodesian Remembrance service held outside Westminster Abbey in London.

In August 2018 the Springbok Club staged a visit to the British Library in order to view a most fascinating exhibition being staged there entitled “James Cook: The Voyages”. This exhibition recounted the three famous voyages made by Capt. James Cook the British explorer ad navigator during the latter 18th century, in which he explored the hitherto unknown expanses of the Pacific Ocean discovering and mapping New Zealand, the eastern coast of Australia and other smaller but equally significant islands which later became integral parts of the great and glorious British Empire. After the visit to this exhibition the Springbok Club party adjourned to a near-by hostelry for a convivial gathering, where not only did they discuss the inspirational presentation of Capt. Cook’s voyages which they had just witnessed, but also made some important decisions about the future development and advance of the Springbok Club.




In June 2018 the Springbok Club held a meeting which was addressed by Mr. Anthony “Tony” Williams. Mr. Williams had been actively involved in patriotic organisations in the UK during his youth, and as a result had been a full-hearted supporter of his Rhodesian kith and kin during the UDI era, becoming an active member of the Anglo-Rhodesian Society, and furthermore was one of the members of the famous party of five [then] young members of the Anglo-Rhodesia Society who toured Rhodesia in 1976 in order to express their solidarity with the Rhodesian people. Mr. Williams subsequently emigrated to Australia in 1999, thus maintaining his stance of belief in the solidarity of his British kith and kin around the world. In his scintillating speech entitled “Patriotism in the modern era: An Australian perspective”, Mr. Williams told much about the current situation in Australia, emphasising that it faced many of the same problems as Britain and the rest of the Western world. He also recounted many of his experiences from the famous 1976 tour of Rhodesia, and expressed pleasant surprise at many positive signs which he had seen in the UK during his return visit. In particular he told how delighted he had been with the triumph for the “Vote Leave” cause during the 2016 EU referendum, and how he hoped and believed that this would signal far closer trading, social and cultural links between the UK and Australia post-Brexit.





A party of Springbok Club members made a trip to the Medway Towns in May 2018 in order witness the annual Rochester Sweeps Festival, and to partake in the festivities.



In April 2018 the Springbok Club joined forces with the Patriotic Forum in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the RAF. This event consisted of a ceremony at St.Clement Danes Church in The Strand, London, where a wreath in honour of all those who have served in the RAF was laid at the altar and poppy-crosses were laid at the statues of Marshall of the RAF Lord Dowding and Marshall of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris outside the church. This was followed by the showing of a PowerPoint presentation about the careers of these two great commanders at a near-by hostelry. It should be remembered in this context that there are strong Southern African connections to the RAF, as its formation was the brainchild of Gen. Jan Christian Smuts, and Marshall of the RAF Sir Arthur Harris spent his youth in Southern Rhodesia and initially served with 44 Squadron (Rhodesia) of the Royal Flying Corps and then the RAF.



In February 2018 the Springbok Club staged a trip to the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London, which proved a most interesting and enjoyable event, and which was followed by a convivial get-together in a near-by hostelry.



On 16th December 2017 the Springbok Club staged a special gathering to commemorate the 179th Anniversary of the Battle of Blood River (the Day of the Vow) at the site of the holy White Horse Stone near Aylesford in Kent.



The Springbok Club was again most honoured to be invited to participate in the annual “Raising of the Flag” ceremony in Norfolk on Sunday 10th September 2017. Unfortunately the threat of inclement weather meant that the event had to be held inside the estate’s main barn this year, which in spite of certain drawbacks did even so mean that the music provided by the Cromer and Sheringham Brass Band seemed more rousing and inspirational than ever. This event commemorates the anniversary of the foundation of the great nation of Rhodesia in 1890, when the Pioneer Column reached the site of what was to become the capital city of Salisbury, and hoisted the Union Flag on 13th September. It was therefore particularly significant this year that the Union Flag was raised by Mr.Andy Hope-Hall, who is a great-great-nephew of Lt.”TeddyTindale-Biscoe who actually hoisted the original Union Flag in 1890! Pictured above is [left] Mr. Hope-Hall giving a truly captivating speech just after hoisting the Flag (which can be seen in the background), [centre] some of the large crowd in attendance, with the Cromer and Sheringham Brass Band in the background, and [right] Mr. Peter Sladden the Lord of the Manor of Southrepps (who in spite of now being 97 continues to organise this spectacular event on his estate), seated below a picture of one of his ancestors with other attendees enjoying drinks and buffet snacks before the actual ceremony itself.



In August 2017 the Springbok Club held a most important meeting which was addressed by Mr. Johnny Rodrigues, the founder and chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. In his most enlightening though very disturbing talk Mr.Rodrigues told not only about the escalating dangers which wildlife in Zimbabwe was facing from endemic poaching, “trophy hunting” (as in the case of Cecil the Lion) and live-exporting to China, but also told how several attempts had been made on his life because of his efforts to halt these crimes and thereby to protect the country’s wildlife. He further told how a global campaign was now being mounted by the ZCTF in order to alert the powers-that-be around the world to this most worrying situation prevailing in Zimbabwe, and to encourage the outside world to take effective steps to save threatened wildlife throughout the African continent.


The Springbok Club‘s annual Rhodes & Founders commemoration buffet-meeting held in July 2017 proved a highly successful and enjoyable event. The guest speaker at this function was Mr. Peter Jewell (seen seated at the top table, left) who gave a captivating talk about his time in Rhodesia, his sporting exploits and his work for Air Trans Africa.


In June 2017 the Springbok Club staged a historical walking tour in the city of London, visiting some of the sites traditionally associated with King Arthur.



In April 2017 the Springbok Club staged a trip to the Medway Towns. This commenced with a solemn visit to the grave of Lt.Cmdr. Eugene Esmonde VC, DSO, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of his burial in Gillingham Cemetery. Following this the Springbok Club party journeyed on to Rochester in order to partake in the festivities of the annual traditional Rochester Sweeps Festival.



The Springbok Club held its 2017 AGM in February 2017, after which a special tribute was staged to the memory of that great South African hero and patriot Clive Derby-Lewis, who had died at the end of 2016. As well as reading out the funeral oration delivered at his funeral and tributes to him written by both his widow and his brother-in-law, a special speech entitled “Clive Derby-Lewis as I knew him” was delivered by a leading member of the Springbok Club who knew him personally. This speech can be accessed here.



The Springbok Club took part in one of “Dr.Jack’s” famous historical walking tours of London in January 2017, this being his fascinating “Ghost Walk” of the City of London.



The Springbok Club held a special buffet meeting in November 2016 in order to celebrate the anniversary of the Rhodesian declaration of UDI. This event was addressed by Mr. Pat Murphy, who held the rank of Captain in the Rhodesian Service Corps, and who gave a riveting talk about his experiences in the Rhodesian Army, including many most amusing anecdotes.



In October 2016 the Springbok Club staged a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London, where inter alia they viewed the special exhibitions entitled “Visions of War: Above and Below” and “Edmund Clark: War on Terror”, which revealed some very interesting facts about the recent past. After this trip the Springbok Club party adjourned to a hostelry in Westminster for a convivial social evening and fruitful discussions about the organisation’s future activities.



On 11th September 2016 the Springbok Club again had the very great honour of being invited to participate in the annual “Raising of the Flag” ceremony in Norfolk, an event which commemorates the arrival of the Pioneer Column at what became Salisbury, Rhodesia, in September 1890, and the raising of the Union Flag there. This event took place annually at Cecil Square, Salisbury, until the advent of the ZANU-PF terrorist regime in 1979, and since 1980 has regularly been re-enacted in Norfolk. The picture to the right shows the Union Flag which had been raised earlier during proceedings and some of the large audience in attendance after the 2016 ceremony had taken place. A link to the speech given by the Organiser of the Springbok Club can be found here.



On 1st June 2016 the Springbok Club held a meeting which was addressed by Mr. Bob Vinnicombe, a visiting Australian supporter of the organisation. Mr.Vinnicombe, who is a long-standing supporter of the South African cause, and who has done much to alert Australians to what is really happening in the “new” South Africa, gave a most interesting talk about the current Australian political situation, and also gave his thoughts and opinions about future Commonwealth co-operation and friendship.



In February 2016 the Springbok Club staged a visit to the “Artist and Empire” Exhibition at the Tate Britain Gallery in London, where inter alia they viewed the famous picture of the Last Stand of Allan Wilson and the Shangani Patrol by Allan Stewart (pictured right).



In December 2015 the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club organised a gathering near Canterbury in order to commemorate the Day of the Vow. At this event the current Organiser of the Springbok Club gave a brief talk in which he reminded everyone about the significance of the Vow taken prior to the Battle of Blood River, and why it was essential to continue honouring it for posterity.



In November 2015 the Springbok Club staged their regular UDI Day celebration buffet. This proved a most enjoyable event with brief talks given about the life and career of the Hon. Ian Douglas Smith and about the inspirational effect which the declaration of UDI 50 years ago in 1965 had throughout the Western world. A sumptuous array of succulent buffet snacks with provided at this gathering, which were enjoyed by all!



On 30th September 2015 the Springbok Club staged a trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London where, inter alia, the party viewed an exhibition and and attended a lecture given about the photographs of India and Burma during the 1850s which were taken by Capt. Linnaeus Tripe, a great but alas sadly forgotten son of the British Empire.



The Springbok Club was most honoured to be asked to participate in the annual "Raising of the Flag" ceremony in Norfolk again this year, an event which took place on 13th September 2015 – the exact 125th anniversary of the foundation of Rhodesia, when the Union Flag was first raised in what was to become Cecil Square, Salisbury. The ceremony again consisted of a re-enactment of the raising of the Union Flag which was performed by Rhodesian-born Ms. Sophia Sladden, a short religious service, a keynote speech by the current Organiser of the Springbok Club, the playing and singing of both the British and Rhodesian national anthems and the firing of a 21 gun salute. The ceremony was expertly conducted by the Parade Commander, Mr. Graham Gillmore (ex Grenadier Guards, RLI and the Pathfinder Company of 44 Parachute Brigade of the SADF, and also a member of the Springbok Club). A link to the speech given by the Organiser of the Springbok Club can be found here.


In August 2015 the Springbok Club staged a special gathering to welcome the family of that great Rhodesian Owen Parvess on their trip to the UK. This proved a highly enjoyable and indeed inspirational occasion, as many memorable anecdotes were shared about the life of Owen, who sadly died at the end of 2014. It was also most intriguing to learn that during their trip his family had managed to sprinkle some of his ashes under one of the goalposts at Twickenham, he being a great all-round sportsman, who had represented Rhodesia at Shooting.



On 1st July 2015 the Springbok Club gave its full support to New Britain’s annual Canada Day celebrations in the City of London. There was a good contingent of Springbok Club members and supporters present, for what proved to be a most pleasant and inspiring event. Inter alia these celebrations included a most enlightening speech given by a leading Canadian patriot living in London at the moment, and the playing of both the Canadian and British national anthems by a specially invited band. By attending this event the Springbok Club expressed its full solidarity with its Commonwealth kith and kin, and cemented closer ties with New Britain and other patriotic British organisations who were also represented.



In May 2015 the Springbok Club staged a trip to Southend-on-Sea, where as well as enjoying a convivial gathering and seeing many of the sights of this vibrant seaside town, the party of members and supporters of the Springbok Club also visited an art exhibition being staged by Mr. Roger Alsop (see picture, right), which featured many of his famous paintings of the town’s sea views.




In October 2014 the Springbok Club was addressed by Mr. Alan Williamson, a leading legal expert in the construction industry, who had recently returned from a 9-month contract in the "new" South Africa. In his talk Mr. Williamson gave a fascinating insight into the true conditions which now prevail in that sorry land.



In September 2014 the Springbok Club was most honoured to be invited to attend the annual “Raising of the Flag“ ceremony in Norfolk, which commemorates the founding of Rhodesia in September 1890. This event consists of an actual raising of the Union Flag re-enactment, the playing of a brass band, a short religious ceremony, keynote speeches, the firing of a 21 gun salute and the singing of the Rhodesian national anthem. This year one of the keynote speakers was the current organiser/secretary of the Springbok Club, and a link to his speech can be found here.



The Springbok Club staged a trip to the National Portrait Gallery in London during August 2014, whereat those in attendance viewed special sections of the Gallery concerned with personalities from the Anglo-Boer War and the beginnings of World War One. Afterwards the Springbok Club party adjourned to a near-by hostelry with strong Rhodesian connections where convivial discussions took place about the personalities and events surrounding the pictures just viewed, and plans were also made for future Springbok Club activities.



In June 2014 the Springbok Club staged a trip to see some of the sites and venues of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in east London, as well as taking a walk down the re-vitalised Lea Valley, before ending up at a near-by hostelry with strong Olympic connections.




On Empire Day 2014 (24th May) the Springbok Club staged a conducted walking tour through the St.James’s area of London, visiting several sites and locations connected with some of the great heroes of the British Empire – particularly the 1st Baron Clive (“Clive of India”). After the tour the party adjourned to a splendid hostelry near St.James’s Park for interesting informal discussions about some of the heroic figures whose sites had been seen. This proved a most convivial ending to a truly inspiring day.



A contingent of Springbok Club members attended the Saracens RFC v. Natal Sharks match at Allianz Park on 25th January 2014, where a number of good new contacts were made. Saracens won the match 23-15.


Later during January the Springbok Club held their 2014 AGM, which proved a good success, and which was followed by a most fascinating talk by Mr. Cliff Moore (a former resident of South Africa, Rhodesia and a number of other African countries) about his Rhodesian experiences.



The Springbok Club staged its annual UDI Day celebrations in November 2013, when the organisation was privileged to welcome Mr. Tony Morkel as guest speaker. Mr. Morkel is the grandson of one of the original Rhodesian pioneer settlers, and was born and bred in Rhodesia, where he both served with distinction in the Rhodesian Army during the Bush War and pursued a highly successful business career. Since 2000 he has been resident in the UK however, where he has been able to establish an increasingly successful publishing company which inter alia, specialises in publishing Rhodesiana of various descriptions. In his enthralling talk Mr. Morkel told something about how his grandfather became one of the earliest Rhodesian pioneers, as well as telling something about his own personal history in the country, and then described how he set-up his publishing company and detailed some of the books which he had published.



In August 2013 the Springbok Club staged a most pleasant visit to a scenic garden owned by David and Virginia Lardner-Burke (the son and daughter-in-law of former Rhodesian cabinet minister Desmond Lardner-Burke) in Surrey. The ornate garden proved a most awe-inspiring site, and with its beautifully manicured lawns, open-air swimming pool and lawn tennis court seemed to encapsulate the Rhodesian ideal, albeit situated in the English home counties.



The Springbok Club marked Rhodes & Founders Day in July 2013 by holding a special meeting which was addressed by Mr. Andrew Hope-Hall LlB (Hons). Mr. Hope-Hall, who has run the Comrades’ Marathon on three occasions, is the great-great-nephew of Lieut. E.C. “Teddy” Tyndale-Biscoe who raised the BSAC flag at Fort Salisbury, Rhodesia, on 13th September 1890, and the son of Richard Hope-Hall who served as a Rhodesian Front and subsequently Rhodesian Action Party MP from 1965 until 1977. In a wide-ranging and enthralling speech Mr. Hope-Hall not only gave more details about his family’s history, but also told of his own career and experiences, firstly with the BSAP Support Unit (the “Black Boots”) in Rhodesia, his subsequent activism with the Conservative Party of South Africa, and finally his continuing activities for the patriotic cause since re-locating to the UK. He ended on a stirring and optimistic note by voicing his thoughts about encouraging potential future developments in both the UK and southern Africa.




On 30th January 2013 the Springbok Club held their 2013 AGM in central London. After the business side of proceedings were concluded Mr. Gary Vincent gave another of his fascinating illustrated talks about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, this time concentrating upon the fighting around the hospital and pointing out certain inaccuracies in the otherwise brilliant film Zulu.



On Saturday 10th November the Springbok Club staged its annual UDI Day Dinner in central London. This year's guest speaker was Mr. Mike Thorburn, who as well as living most of his life in the erstwhile Nyasaland and Rhodesia, also served with the Rhodesia Regiment and the BSAP Reserve. In a most illuminating talk Mr. Thorburn told not only something about his personal and military experiences in Rhodesia, but also informed everyone about the history and details of the "Hoisting of the Flag" ceremony which has been held every September in Norfolk since 1981, as a continuation of the ceremony which was held each year in Salisbury, Rhodesia, from the foundation of the country in 1890 until 1980. At the conclusion of the meeting it was agreed that the Springbok Club would support this most important ceremony preserving the Rhodesian ideal in September 2013, and hopefully every year thereafter.



In September 2012 the Springbok Club staged a trip to Greenwich in order to see both the newly restored Cutty Sark and Greenwich Park, where all the Equestrianism Events at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games of course took place. The Springbok Club party also visited Greenwich Palace where they were able to see the famous painted ceiling featuring King William III and Queen Mary II seated in splendour – which as this event took place on the same day as the grand march in Belfast commemorating the signing of the Ulster Covenant (where a number of Springbok Club members from Ulster participated) was a particularly appropriate setting to be at.



During August 2012 Springbok Club members and supporters attended several of the events at the London 2012 Olympic Games, including a party which was organised in order to watch the Women’s Marathon – who finished the day at a convivial pub in Covent Garden where they were able to watch Andy Murray winning Gold on a giant TV screen!



The Springbok Club organised a party to view the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant down the Thames in June 2012. Unfortunately the massive crowds at this event prevented any good viewing – but the atmosphere and the inspiring Imperial patriotism proved something to behold!



In April 2012 the Springbok Club staged a trip to Eltham Palace in south-east London. This well-attended event proved a most enjoyable success, with those in attendance being able to view not only the historical palace itself (which dates from the reign of King Edward I, and was where the future King Henry VIII spent his childhood) and its scenic gardens, but also the splendid art deco interior which was re-furbished during the ownership of Stephen and Virginia Courtauld (the wealthy textile manufacturers, who subsequently emigrated to Rhodesia.)



The Springbok Club’s 2012 AGM was held in January. After reports from both the Organiser and the Treasurer, and the election of a new Executive Committee for 2012, the meeting was treated to a presentation about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift by Mr. Gary Vincent, using a re-constructed model of the battle scene. Mr. Vincent, a prominent local historian, concentrated particularly on the military service of Private George Comberton during the Zulu Wars, a Belfast-born volunteer who subsequently settled in the east end of London where he established a successful chain of butcher’s shops.



In December 2011 the Springbok Club held a special social gathering in central London in order to celebrate several recent most encouraging developments on the international stage, as well as planning activities for 2012 – Olympic year!



In November 2011 members of the Springbok Club attended the Remembrance Day Service conducted by the Rhodesian Army Association. This proved a most moving occasion, and fuller details can be found on our “Latest Rhodesian News” web-page. After the service some of the Springbok Club members present went on a short walking tour conducted by Susan Gordon through the near-by Victoria Embankment Gardens in order to see the many statues to great British heroes which are situated there – including a number with specific southern African connections.



The Springbok Club staged its annual autumn braai in north London during September 2011. Commencing with a conducted walking tour from Euston Station to the venue in Camden, for part of the route along Regent’s Canal, during which Springbok Club Treasurer Susan Gordon pointed out many of the most interesting architectural and historically important sites along the way. Once at the venue of the braai itself, as well as partaking of the delectable food provided,



In July 2011 the Springbok Club staged a joint meeting with the Swinton Circle at which the guest speaker was Lt.Col. Keith Kiddie, a highly decorated British army officer who has seen action in most of the major British military operations during the past three decades, and who is now a Conservative Councillor in Norfolk. This proved to be one of the most successful and enthralling events staged for several years!



The Springbok Club staged a trip to Hatfield House (the ancestral home of the Marquises of Salisbury, after whom Salisbury, the capital of Rhodesia was named) in May 2011. Amongst other activities the party (some of whom are pictured to the right) paid their respects at the famous RLI “Troopie” Statue, which is now situated in the grounds of Hatfield House.



In March 2011 the Springbok Club held a special “sports day” gathering in a central London pub with a South African theme, at which matches from both the Cricket World Cup and the 6-Nations Rugby tournament were viewed by an enthusiastic group of Springbok Club members and supporters.



In February 2011 Springbok Club Executive Committee member Sue Gordon gave a most interesting illustrated report-back about current conditions in Kenya (where she was born) following her recent trip back to the country.



The Springbok Club held a very successful AGM in January 2011, at which it was decided to concentrate more upon presenting a “golden vision” for the future from now onwards, rather than dwelling upon Southern Africa’s present appalling problems. Everyone knows the disastrous situation prevailing in current day South Africa and Zimbabwe, and there are plenty of more politically-orientated bodies who are already alerting the outside world to this tragedy, but what is needed – and this after all was why the Springbok Club was founder in the first place – is a forward-looking organisation offering an exciting and exhilarating vision for the future. From now onwards, therefore, the Springbok Club will concentrate more upon the social, sporting, cultural, historical and wildlife aspects of our task in uniting expatriate Southern Africans and their friends, and organising for the future – and thus preparing for our return!



The Springbok Club/ELC was most honoured to be able to welcome Mr. Bert Oosthuizen as guest speaker in October 2010. Mr. Oosthuizen was the founder of the South Africa Sucks web-site, and was the famed “Uhuru Guru” thereon. In his riveting and highly informative talk Mr. Oosthuizen relayed details not only about the total breakdown and collapse of society in the “new” South Africa, but also why and how this had motivated him to found the South Africa Sucks web-site. He also told how he had been victimised and terrorised by the “new” South African authorities as a result of his work in alerting people to the true conditions prevailing in the country today, but had then managed to escape with his family in order to re-establish himself safely in exile.




In September 2010 the Springbok Club/ELC was invited to attend a special book launch at the London Rifles Club of the book “The Philistines” by Graham Gillmore. This book relates the story of the Pathfinder Company of 44 Parachute Brigade of the SADF with which Graham Gillmore served. Pictured, right, is Graham Gillmore (who spoke for the Springbok Club/ELC in March 2009) talking about his experiences with the Pathfinder Company at this event.




In August 2010 the Springbok Club/ELC made a trip to the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) Museum in Bedford, an event which proved both inspirational and awe-inspiring. Our thanks go to all members of the RLI Regimental Association who laid on such a marvellous welcome for us, which included a video-presentation followed by a conducted tour of the museum.



The Springbok Club/ELC held their annual Rhodes & Founders celebration buffet in July 2010. This year the gathering was addressed by Mr. John Cormac Seekings, who has written an acclaimed biography of Charles Dunell Rudd (the famous Cape merchant and close colleague and associate of Cecil John Rhodes) entitled “Rudd: The Search for a Cape Merchant”.  In his most fascinating illustrated talk Mr. Seekings told something about the life, adventures and business achievements of Charles Rudd, and the important part which he played in the development of Southern Africa towards the end of the 19th century. Mr. Robin Willow again provided some most splendid musical entertainment at this meeting, which also included a sumptuous selection of buffet snacks which were enjoyed by all.



In June 2010 the Springbok Club was addressed by Mr. Steve Crump, the UK representative of the South African military book publishing company 30 Degrees South, who gave an excellent and enthralling talk about his own military career in the Royal Marines and the SADF Commandoes, as well as giving a most informative overview of the books published and retailed by 30 Degrees South.


In May 2010 the Springbok Club took part in a conducted tour of Stepney in the east end of London, specifically to visit sites associated with the great British naval hero Admiral Sir John Leake (who broke the boom across the Foyle to relieve the Siege of Londonderry in 1689, and who subsequently was second in command to Admiral Rooke when Gibraltar was seized by a joint British/Dutch expeditionary force in 1704). The picture shows some of the Springbok Club party paying their respects at the grave of Admiral Sir John Leake.




The London Branch of the Springbok Club held an informal social get-together in a central London pub during February 2010, at which a lap-top CD presentation of “Photo’s of Durban” was shown. This CD had been produced and forwarded to the organisation by a supporter from Durban, and illustrated vividly the deteriorating situation, both as far as environmental pollution and the breakdown of law and order was concerned, which now sadly exists in the once beautiful and vibrant city of Durban.



The Springbok Club held a successful AGM in January 2010 at which, inter alia, an expanded Executive Committee was elected, and plans were finalised for a full itinerary of events for 2010.



The Springbok Club celebrated the Day of the Vow in December 2009 with a special commemoration gathering. Events commenced with devotions and musical entertainment by Mr. Robin Willow, following which the meeting was addressed by Mr. Mark Taha. Mr. Taha is an expert in post-WWII South African literature, and analysed the predictions made in several works of fiction which prophesised the end of civilised rule in southern Africa. In a lively debate which followed it was emphasised how although none of these predictions became true exactly, they established an atmosphere of pessimism and defeatism which led eventually to the appeasement and surrender of 1992/1994.



In November 2009 the Springbok Club staged their annual UDI Day celebration buffet, where the Guest of Honour was Mr. Mark Pilbeam of the RLI Regimental Association. Mr. Pilbeam gave a highly moving and inspirational talk, illustrated by a PowerPoint slide display, in which he recounted many of his experiences whilst serving with the RLI, as well as telling something of the work of the RLI Regimental Association, particularly the part which they played in relocating the famous “Troopie” Statue to Hatfield.



In September 2009 the Springbok Club held their Autumn Braai in London. Pictured are some of the members and supporters enjoying some of the succulent boerewors which was specially produced for this event.


Unfortunately the planned guest speaker for the Springbok Club’s 2009 Rhodes & Founders celebrations had to pull out at short notice because of ill-health, but in his place the movement was most pleased and honoured to welcome back Group Captain Peter Petter-Bowyer of the Rhodesian Air Force Association, who had previously spoken at the 2006 Rhodes & Founders gathering. In his latest address Group Captain Petter-Bowyer spoke in greater depth about the tactics and actions employed by the Rhodesian Air Force in conjunction with the Rhodesian Army, and emphasised strongly how he believed that the Rhodesian “FireForce” tactics could and should be used in the current War against Terror in Afghanistan.



In May 2009 the Springbok Club/ELC staged a trip to the Royal Engineers’ Museum in Gillingham, where a special “Soldiers of the Queen” event was being held. During this visit old acquaintances with The Diehards military re-enactment society (who were performing at the event) were made, as well as attending a lecture entitled “Rorke’s Drift and Eshowe: A tale of two Engineers” given by the famed Anglo-Zulu War expert and author Ian Knight, and meeting Prince Velekhaya Shange of the Zulus. After the events at the museum the party adjourned to near-by hostelries, where a short speech and toast to the glories of the Empire was made.



The Springbok Club/ELC marked Van Riebeeck’s Day in April 2009 with a special celebration buffet, at which the guest speaker was Mnr, Albertus Kleingeld of the PRAAG (Pro-Afrikaans Action Group) organisation. In a highly informative and captivating speech Mnr. Kleingeld explained all the problems which were currently being faced by the Afrikaner community (and by the White South African nation in general) since the advent of ANC rule, which included the suppression of Afrikaans culture and a near genocide campaign throughout farming communities. He also told of the work and successes of PRAAG in their resistance of this attempted destruction of the Afrikaner people.



In March 2009 the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club was addressed by Mr. Graham Gillmore. Mr. Gillmore, who had seen active military service with the Grenadier Guards, the Rhodesian Light Infantry and the South African Defence Force, gave a most memorable and inspiring talk about his military career, concentrating upon his period of service with the Pathfinder Company, 44 Parachute Brigade, of the SADF on the SWA/Angolan border, which he illustrated with a slide-show of pictures of his operational experiences of the period.



In February 2009 a group of members of the Springbok Club made a trip to Gibraltar in order to participate in events celebrating the links between the Rock and the Royal Marines, when a new monument in honour of the Royal Marines was unveiled and dedicated. Pictured to the left are three of the visiting Springbok Club members gathered at the newly unveiled monument.




In December 2008 the Springbok Club staged a special event in Stepney, east London, in order to commemorate the Day of the Vow. The day commenced with a demonstration of Victorian-era military drill and the firing of Martini-Henry rifles by The Diehards military re-enactment society, who also put on display a large range of literature and artefacts dating from the era. After this all in attendance adjourned for a succulent braai, which was followed by an illustrated talk given by Mr. Gary Vincent about George Comberton, a local man who had served in the Zulu Wars. (Pictured right are some of the members of The Diehards performing at this event).




In November 2008 the Springbok Club/ELC/LSC staged their annual UDI Day celebration buffet, at which the guest of honour was Mr. Michael Shrimpton, the famous barrister and national security consultant. In his most revealing and powerful address Mr. Shrimpton told something about the international forces which lay behind the abandonment of the British Empire post-World War II, which culminated in the betrayal of Rhodesia, and also gave an in-depth account of some of the little-reported facts about those involved in the recent US Presidential Election.



The Springbok Club/ELC staged a special joint meeting with the official wing of the Swinton Circle in October 2008, at which the guest speaker was Mr. Bob Vinnicombe. Mr. Vinnicombe is a leading NSW official of the Australian One Nation party, and stood as an independent candidate for the Bankstown Municipal Council earlier during the year, receiving a very creditable vote. In his extremely well-received speech Mr. Vinnicombe detailed much about the current Australian political and sociological situation, emphasising specifically the great problems caused by ethnic minorities (particularly Muslim Lebanese)  being allowed to enter Australia. He also laid great stress on the importance of Australia remaining a monarchy, and that links between kith and kin from the core Commonwealth should be strengthened.



In September 2008 the London Branch of the Springbok Club staged a very pleasant and successful gathering which was addressed by Mr. James Constantine, a South African historical expert from Cape Town who was recently hounded out of the country. Mr. Constantine gave a most informative and eye-opening talk in which he detailed what was really happening in South Africa today.







In August 2008 the Springbok Club/ELC  held a most pleasant and successful - albeit slightly delayed - Rhodes and Founders celebration buffet, at which the guest speaker was Capt. Kevin Pope (pictured centre). Capt. Pope, who is currently serving with the Royal Regiment of Scotland in Belfast, is a Rhodesian born and bred, and a few years ago returned to the by then Zimbabwe in order to attempt to continue his family tradition of commercial farming in the country. Tragically, however, both his own new farm and the neighbouring farm of his father were burnt down by gangs of marauding ZANU-PF thugs, which caused him to return to active service in the British army. In a most well-received illustrated speech Capt. Pope detailed something about his family history, his service with the British army, and his own most harrowing experiences in Zimbabwe - as well as telling something about his hopes and predictions for the future. The function room was packed for this event, which bodes extremely well for the future of the Springbok Club/ELC, and all present were full of praise for the superbly delivered and most informative illustrated talk which Capt. Pope gave - as well as for the succulent array of buffet snacks which were provided at this function!





In June 2008 the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club staged a visit to the Royal Engineers’ Museum in Gillingham, where a special “Soldiers of the Queen” weekend was being held - which included a fascinating Victorian-era drill and weapons display demonstrated by The Diehards military re-enactment society. There was a very good turnout of members and supporters at this event, including several supporters from outside the county, and many good new contacts were made as a result.



In May 2008 the Springbok Club/Empire Loyalist Club celebrated Empire Day, when welcomed back Mr. Michael Brufal de Melgarejo (the 11th Marques de Lendinez) as guest speaker. Mr. Michael Brufal de Melgarejo, who is the Director of the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society, gave a most enthralling and illuminating talk on the current situation in Gibraltar, and about the ongoing work of both the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society and the internally-based Gibraltar Heritage Trust.


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