Other web-sites of interest to South African, British and Empire/Commonwealth patriots.

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The Imperial Patriot                 (Neo-Imperialist magazine – formerly South African Patriot)
Latest Empire News                   (News from core Commonwealth countries and British Overseas Territories)
The Great White Tribe                (Caring for the interests of the Whites of Africa)
African Crisis                       (Africa’s premier hard news web-site)
Rhodesia & S.A.Military              (Rhodesian & South African military history)
The Death of Johannesburg            (Illustrating the collapse and physical destruction of Johannesburg)
I Luv South Africa ...               (… but I hate my government!)
The MOTHs                            (Memorable Order of Tin Hats: South African ex-servicemen’s organization)
PRAAG                                (Pro-Afrikaans Action Group)
Rhodesians Worldwide                 (Keeping the Rhodesian ideal alive around the world)
The Flame Lily Foundation               (Incorporating the Rhodesian Association of South Africa)
The BSAP Association                 (The Regimental Association of former members of the BSAP)
Old Rhodesian Air Force Sods         (The web-site of former members of the Rhodesian Air Force)
The Rhodesian Light Infantry         (The web-site of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association)
John Edmond's web-site               (Rhodesia’s most popular singer)
The Rhodesians web-site              (Re-uniting Rhodesians with friends and relatives)
Rhodesians Pioneer Club              (Organisers of the annual Rhodesian July weekend braai)
Northern Rhodesians Worldwide          (The Great North Road)
Afritrust                                   (Non-profit trust that conserves wildlife and the natural environment)
Sanwild Wildlife Trust               (A sanctuary for wildlife founded by Louise Joubert)
Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force     (Concerned about the unacceptable levels of poaching in Zimbabwe)
Seal Alert S.A.                      (Exposing the systematic murder of seals in South Africa and “Namibia”)
The Anglo-Zulu War Society           (The history of the British defeat of the Zulus)
Msasa Enterprises                         (Producers of Rhodesian Forces Videos)
Kevin's Rhodesia Page                    (Excellent site full of Rhodesiana)
The Patriotic Forum                  (Leading supporters of traditional Conservative and Unionist principles)
Campaign for an Independent Britain  (Patriotic anti-EU movement)
The Conservative Monday Club           (Famous British patriotic organisation)
The Campaign for UK Conservatism      (Supporting Conservative principles and British sovereignty)
Camp. against political correctness  (Campaign for common sense, founded by John & Laura Midgley)
The Diehards                         (Victorian-era military re-enactment society)
The UK National Defence Association  (Supporting the British Armed Forces around the globe)
The London Hut                       (Everything about London under one roof)
Free Nations                               (Supporting the nation states of Europe against Eurofederalism)
The Freedom Association              (Founded by Norris McWhirter in order to defend British freedom)  
The Ulster Society                       (Informative site detailing many aspects of Ulster society) 
The Twelfth                                (The Twelfth of July – celebration, not provocation)
British Ulster Alliance                 (Mainland support for Ulster Unionism)              
F.A.I.R.                             (Families acting for innocent relatives)
The Reform Movement                      (Founded to represent Irish/British traditions)
The Falklands Society                   (Bill Cooke's site, dedicated to improving US/UK relations)
The British Empire                       (Dedicated to analysing the history of the British Empire)
British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (Bristol-based museum with excellent Southern African section)
United Commonwealth Society          (Canadian-based movement advocating closer Commonwealth ties)
Imperial Flags                       (Comprehensive site featuring full range of British Empire flags and images)   
Expats Reunite                       (Reuniting expat friends and family around the world)
Proud to be British Australians       (Australians proud of their British ancestral origins)
Australian Monarchist League           (Australia is the best country in the world)
Australians for Const. Monarchy       (Australian pro-constitutional monarchy movement)
Verax Consulting                     (Immigration advice on moving to New Zealand)
United Empire Loyalists of Canada     (Descendants of those who stayed loyal to Britain in North America)
Anglican Friends of Israel           (Anglican group which supports the rights of the State of Israel)
Gun Owners of America                (American organisation upholding the constitutional right to bear arms)
The Atlantic Bridge                 (To establish Conservative values on both sides of the Atlantic)
Project for the New American Century (Western leadership requires military strength)
The League of the South                 (The [Confederate] South's home on the Internet)
Let's Take Back America                 (A United Patriots of America organisation)
Contact Expats                       (A worldwide contact service for those of the British around the world) 
Bonfires and Guys!                       (The traditions and celebrations of Bonfire)
The Winston S.Churchill Page           (The Churchill Centre & Societies site.)
The Kipling Society                      (Dedicated to the memory of the life and works of Rudyard Kipling)
Democratic Party of Hong Kong          (Martin Lee Chu-Ming's anti-Communist Hong Kong party)
Self-determination for Gibraltar      (Campaign to keep Gibraltar British)
The Gibraltar Home Page                 (The Government of Gibraltar Information Services)
Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Soc.   (To promote and maintain awareness of the Rock’s unique heritage)
Falkland Islands Tourist Board        (Full details about the Falkland Islands today)
Friends of St.Helena                 (The web-site of the Friends of St.Helena Society)
The St.Helena Institute              (Fostering interest in St.Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan de Cunha)
Patriot t-shirts                     (Patriotic clothing for all tastes)

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